We've been around for Over 35 Years and have won several Awards for Best Insurance Firm. However, our most important win is making you a happy, life-long customer!


DeFrain Insurance  based in Clearwater Florida, with its exceptional warm weather & close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico creates a perfect haven for outdoor recreation.  Given this location, our Corporate Principals, Agents & Employees are active recreational vehicle enthusiasts. Actually all the members that make up Team DeFrain own and participate in one or more of the following activities;  On & Off Road Motorcycle Riding, Sailboat-Fishing & Motor Yacht Owners, Camping RV enthusiasts, private pilots and we are all Home & Property Owners. Our Team comprises some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the affore mentioned recreational vehicle activities. We really do get your concerns when it comes to insuring your vehicles, and can answer all your questions with confidence.   

What sets us apart:

A History of DeFrain Insurance in Clearwater includes simple old fashioned core values, we are dedicated to you, our loyal customers, and all your different Insurance needs. Team DeFrain strives daily to be honest & fair in business practices saving you time and money. Providing the best customer service is our first priority!

DeFrain Insurance Inc. was incorporated by R.J. DeFrain in1981 and has been a family owned business since its inception. In 1987 R.J. was joined by his daughter who's continued endeavor to drive sales, improve customer service and automate systems earned her ambitious efforts the Title of Company President.  

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